Article Types

AJIC will consider the following types of submissions for publication:

  • Research Articles: These are submissions (max. 8,000 words, including References section) that present research findings from, inter alia, empirical data collection, doctrinal analysis data collection, and/or conceptual exploration. 
  • Review Articles: These are submissions (max. 6,000 words, including References section) that provide, inter alia, a systematic review, a thematic review, a critical topical review, or a critical literature review.
  • Publication Reviews: These are submissions (max. 2,000 words, including References section) that provide reviews of, inter alia, books, journal articles, reports, research reports, research papers.
  • Critical Interventions: These are submissions (max. 3,000 words, including References section) that provide reasoned comment and argument on relevant topics.
  • Correspondence: These are submissions (max. 1,000 words) that provide rejoinders to, or correspondence related to, published AJIC articles.
  • News, Obituaries, Guest Editor Introductions: (max. 1,000 words)

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