Avoiding Predatory Journals

AJIC urges all of its contributors to ensure that they do not participate, even inadvertantly, in the practices known as "predatory publishing". For information on how to steer clear of predatory journals, see this blog post, "Are You Publishing in Predatory Publications?" by Denise Nicholson from Scholarly Horizons consultancy. Nicholson is the retired Scholarly Communications Librarian at AJIC's host institution, the University of the Witwatersrand (Wits).

Also useful for learning how to avoid predatory journals are the proceedings of the April 2021 webinar by Fidelior, Scholarly Horizons, and the Network of Data and Information Curation Communities (NeDICC). The webinar, entitled "Emerging Questionable Publication Practices", addressed:
1. the emergence of predatory journals and how to avoid them;
2. how to use a variety of journal lists to avoid questionable publication practices and citation pollution; and
3. challenges with metadata, discoverability and data accuracy in journal lists.

The webinar presentation slides, and a video recording of the event, are available here.